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Calendar, calendar with mobile/osx

I have an admin account that has set up a calendar which is intended to be shared to all employees. I have tried to do this with one of the employees accounts but could not get it to show the fav calendars on a mobile device.

Maybe I am adding the calendar wrong? For the employee to see the calendar, I had to share access from the admin account, switch back to the employee account, config the favorite calendar to show the shared one, and then it is displayed on the calendar on his mac.

Then setting up the caldev stuff on both devices (ipad/iphone) which works but only displays the employees name calendar and not any of the favorites.

Is this a feature not available for mobile yet, or am I adding the calendar incorrectly?


Hi, Dan!

Your're right. Favorite calendars aren't available for the caldav.
I will pass your idea to the development.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
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