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Visibility of Workgroups- please help, Groups that are set to invisible can easily be found by any user!
When workgroups are set to be invisible, they still can be found by any user!


User A creates a group called "top secret". It is set to be invisible and closed. User B is not a member of said group. If user B clicks on "show all groups", "top secret" will therefore not be listed. But user B can now use group search to find the group called "top secret". The group "top secret" will appear in the search results.
Not only can the existence of any hidden group be confirmed by all users. User 2 could also search for "t" or any other letter of the alphabet, and all group names containing that letter will be listed in the search results. This effectively renders the whole idea of invisible groups useless!

Bitrix24 Support was unable to help us. First it was suggested that only administrator are able to find invisible groups - which is simply not the case. Then it was admitted that the problem exists and it was forwarded to the developement department.

  1. I'd like to warn all users against relying on the invisibility of groups. At the moment, every invisible group can be found by everyone.
  2. If someone can offer a work-around to ensure the invisibility of groups, that would be greatly appreciated.
  3. We'd would like to urge the Bitrix developers to come up with a bug-fix as soon as possible.
Hi Joe,

Thanks for sharing. We can only propose at this point to give special names for these groups (not talking names) - as far as I understand only group name is shown to the user who searches for it. The search module may require update - thanks for the suggestion.


Thank you for getting back to us. In the german forum we already got the answer that this problem is already resolved in the self-hosted versions and will be resolved in the cloud service within the next 10 to 14 days.

In the meantime let me stress that you don't only find a group when you know the exact name! You can also search for any single letter and find any hidden group that has that letter in its name.

You can give your groups "code names" if you don't want other user to know what they are about. But you cannot hide the existence of groups from other users.
Thanks for the update Joe!

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