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Move employee to extranet user
Is there a way to move someone entered as an employee to become an extranet user? I see how you can do the reverse, but we need to change some users this direction as well.

Thank you!

We considered this feature, but there are content handling issues and we do not have it implemented. It is only possible to transfer extranet users to the company; intranet users have to be dismissed and invited (using a different email) to the extranet.
Is it possible to delete totally delete these employees. This is a brand new setup and I really need to get them as extranet users with the current email addresses. We mistakenly added them as employees. They don't have alternative appropriate email addresses to use.
The issue is being discussed at Helpdesk.
Can you advise if this has been resolved? I too have created a test user and want to remove them completely.

How do you delete employees?

You can only dismiss a user.

In this case, the employee will not be able to log into the portal and will not be seen in the company portal, but all his or her personal data (files, messages, tasks, etc.) will remain intact.

A user profile can be completely cleared out and a new name and email can be put in, if desired. This of course, would involve the deletion of the user's data.

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