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Selecting people within structure for a new task, Selecting people within structure when creating a new task within a group
I have set up my company infrustructure and have an academy field. in this field i have a head of department and then the trainees.
When i want to create a new task i sel ect choose fr om infrastructure ->technical department -> Academy -> then it only shows head of department. what do i need to do to send it to everyone in the department. I can manually add them but that defeats the point
Do you have you trainees who have already accepted the invitation to your Bitrix24 instance?  When I tried to repeat the scenario, I checked the "Duplicate the task and choose multiple responsible persons" box.  The options in the "Change Responsible Persons" shows the department head and all the members of the department EXCEPT those which have not yet accepted an invitation to the intranet itself.  You must click on each trainee, but the entire group is listed under the department, so it is pretty fast.
I had to log in and out for it to work. thanks
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