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New Status Options For Tasks, Plus Other, A multi-stage status option for tasks

While I'm relatively new to Bitrix, I've really been impressed with what I've seen.  One of the things that has been a bit of a stumbling point is the lack of a meaningful way to stage your tasks.  You can 'hit start' and it's 'In Progress', or you can pause it and it's 'Pending', or you can finish it and it's 'Closed'.

My particular needs is something like the above, where at each stage an automated workflow can be initiated.  Task moved to 'Ready for Review' (A custom status), it gets sent to the editor. 'Complete'?  It gets sent off to payroll and the account manager for delivery.  The ability to have tasks at various stages of the process is incredibly useful, is there a way to make this happen with Bitrix?  Rather than a binary 'In Progress' / 'Pending'?
Hi Brandon,

Thank you for the suggestion. No, this is not currently possible, but we'll consider this option for future updates of tasks. Thanks.


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