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Tasks in groups seem to be broken
As of today, the usual layout of the tasks area within a particular group is broken and displays only a blank area under the header. It's still possible to create a task via the main tasks area for the organisation.

Is there a system-wide or issue or is this related just to our organisation?

Hi, Chris!
We've already found the fix for this bug. It will be fixed in a few ours.
Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope you'll love new interface:)

Best Regards,
Thanks Anna

The new interface is good, yes. We're loving the productivity we can achieve with Bitrix, so thanks!

Thank you for your Feedback, Chris!
We're working hard to make our product more convenient and efficient for the user.
The situation with the tasks in the workgroups is already solved.

Best Regards,
That's great Anna, thanks for the help.
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