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Repeat tasks and events on Google Calendar, Synchronising repeat tasks from Google calendar or outlook not working still
When is there going to be a fix for repeat calendar events where they can be entered on Google or Outlook calendar as falling on the 3rd tues of the month and repeating monthly but cannot replicate this in Bitrix resulting in incorrect dates appearing in Bitrix calendar?

This is a common requirement for calendar events that repeat for example evening networking events that always fall on the same day of the week monthly not 4 weekly so its a choice of the first second third or fourth day of the week - mon tues wed thurs etc

last friday of the month for example.

This is available in the calendars that sync to bitrix but because bitrix calendar cannot handle this repeat method the date is entered incorrectly

Thanks Richard
Hi Richard!

We may consider it with the next Calendar module update. Unfortunately the module update is not scheduled yet. Thank you for bringing the topic up.



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