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Recurring Tasks After Deleting Templates, We have several old recurring tasks which keep self-generating, even though the templates have been deleted.

We have been using Bitrix24 (free) for over a year now and we're really enjoying it!
We have one issue which we have been unable to solve.

We have quite a few tasks which were originally set up as recurring tasks, which continue to recur, even though we've since deleted the templates.
We call these "Phantom Tasks", because some of them were set up by employees who haven't worked here for months.
Every day we are notified about more and more new tasks which nobody needs.

When I open the newly recurred task and follow the link for "Task was auto created using a template (template)", I get an error message, saying:
"Task template was not found or template access was denied." (See screenshot attached)
When I view All Templates, there are only 4 current recurring tasks. None of these are the tasks that we refer to as Phantom Tasks, as they are active tasks for current work.

What can I do to fix this?
Some of my employees are missing actual work because their feeds and email inboxes are so full of notifications from these"Phantom Tasks", that they're no longer enjoying Bitrix24 as much as they used to.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edited: Aydin Turgay - 05/29/2017 18:03:30
We had this problem as well. I had to "hire" the user again and then go into his tasks > templates and delete the templates form the user. Not the best thing, as when we dismiss someone all his templates should get inactive.

Know before I dismiss someone I go to his tasks and clean thing up before actually dismissing the user.

Hope it helps.
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