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Shared Calendar
Hi there

If I create a new calendar under the Administrator profile that I then give access to everyone across the group how can they enter information? I have made it a favourite on their profile but I can't seem to work out how they can enter events? It only allows their personal calendar as a choice when adding an event. Am I missing something?

We want to use this for a general annual leave and training calendar given that only the administrators can access the absence chart and we need a way of everyone across our organisation being able to enter and view this information.

Any ideas appreciated.


Unfortunately, at the moment users can only view Favourite Calendars. Your employees are able to add an event to this calendar directly in the workgroup, but not in the personal tool using favourite calendar. I've added your suggestion to our "to do" list. It will be very comfortable to be able add an event to favourite calendar in the personal one.

Thank you!
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