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oultlook sync one-way only
Let me start by saing that your software is fantastic!
I'm having trouble to work with your outllook conection modul.
After i've agreed to install the sharepoint link into the outlook 2010 as it showen in the message that poped up, it created the calendar in the outlook, but it only works in a one way syncing.
When i insert an event on the outlook 2010 it will shows immediately on the calendar at the bitrix24 site, but in the other direction it won't work, no matter how much i press the send/receive button in the outlook, the events from the bitrix24 will not be showen on the calendar in the outlook.
I'm using outlook 2010 with exchange server conected to it
Hope to here from you soon with a solution.
Thank you.

thank you for your comment!

Could you please clarify, did you have errors during synchronization?

Evgeniya Boyko
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are already using Bitrix24