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Calendar week change backward error or feature?

i want to user my calendar in weekly view. Today is 5th of sept. and is week 1-7 september 2013, but everytime when i go back to my calendar in weekly view mode, there is week 15-21 september 2013. I cant go back with back arrow, only i can go forward to next week.

When i go to daily view mode and change day back to 1st of sept., then i go to weekly view mode, there is a actual week.
Unfortunately when i left a calendar and i go back, again i see only week 15-21 sept. 2013.
Here is a video of error:

Is there a soution of my problem,please?


We've passed information about this problem to the development department.

We apologize for inconvenience.

Best Regards, Evgeniya
I'm having this exact error! I can view the 8-14th of Sept, 2013 -- then when I change to the 15-21, I am unable to click back. Week view will NOT let me see this current week (Sept 1-7) at all.
And can you tell me please, how long it takes usually, while they fixes it? just approx. weeks, mouts or? :)
We'll fix this problem as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best Regards, Evgeniya
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