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Time spent on a task, How to see the time spent on a task you assigned
     I don't know how to see the time spent on a task that I assigned to someone. I checked reports but  the time spent displays 0:00. Is there a way for the time spent to be recorded automatically?
And one more thing..How do I use efficiency report?
Hi JR Solano,

To see the time spend on task execution you need to include the task to the dayly plan. Or you can include the task in daily plan in task creation form too.

If you want to see the tasks execution to be  displayed in the efficiency report you need to tick a special field "Include tasks in Efficiency report" in the task creation form. Note that you need to be the task's responsible person's supervisor (head) to be able to activate this function.

Unfortunately the automatic task execution time indicator is not working correctly now without preset parameters (as decribed above), this is a technical bug that will be fixed by our team in nearest time.

Kind regards,

Dear JR Solano,

Please note that TIme Management module (Efficiency report is a part of it) is only available in Bitrix24 Professional license.

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Yana, thanks for your detailed answer. ;)
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