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Reminder Calendar

It will be so much better to get the possibility to set the reminder before a meeting, for example 15 minutes or 5 minutes before the meeting to get a message reminding about the meeting.

Thanks in advance
Hi Sylvain,

You can set a Reminder for your meeting in the Calendar section (for existing meetings: open your meeting in the Calendar -& click "Edit"; for new meetings set the reminder in Creation form - please see the sceenshot)

You can also set a Reminder in CRM section - if your question was about meetings in CRM :
for a new meeting - go to CRM>My activities -  Add new meeting (+Meeting) and set a Reminder in the creation form. (please see the screenshot below)
To edit an existing CRM meeting please go to Calendar section - open the meeting and click "Edit", set the Reminder.

Kind Regards,

Yes it's working good

but saying remind me in XX minutes/days/hours it's unclear

It will be better to say remind me XX minutes/days/hours before the event
Thank you for the suggestion, we will edit this  "Reminder" field name soon.

Totally agree... remind me in is counter-intuitive. Could be great if you change that.
Hi Skylark,

We'll change it soon. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

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