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Calendar has disappeared and other faults..., Problems today and yesterday.
Hi, I just signed up a few days ago and spent a lot of time preparing what seems to be a fantastic tool ready for inviting my colleagues to join.

Yesterday though, it was all really slow... Is it because of changes that appear to be happening around the platform without warning, such as the adding of new tools, change of colour scheme on the mobile app etc?

It seems better today - but now the Calendar is missing altogether!

What is happening please?

(In case it's related to our own URL only, our URL is
Hi Victor!

We are in the middle of major update, so some features may be unavailable or not working properly for a short period of time. Everything will be back to normal soon.
We apologize for the inconvenience

Kind Regards,

OK, many thanks, Yana.

Does that mean that the Wiki system will return?

How often do Major updates take place? It makes me worried about interruptions to our work flow when we start using bitrix properly.

Thanks again,
You shouldn't worry - both WiKi and a number of new features and capabilities will appear in your Bitrix24 soon. We do have Updates regularly - as we are working hard to improve our product for our clients. We apologize for the inconvenience, but such technical problems happens rarely and not all of our users really face them.

Hope you will enjoy new Bitrix24 features and capabilities.

Thanks Yana.

It's a fantastic system.
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