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Simple time report on tasks rollup and time reporting
Hiya, Happy New Year!  :)

Quick question:  I am using the free version of Bitrix24.  I can create Tasks, and subtasks no problem.  I can add time spent manually to both the tasks and the subtasks also no problem.  My questions:

1)  Is there a way (or could I request a way), when looking at the main task, to see the aggregated time spent on the subtasks reported on the time tab?  Right now it only reports the main task time, but not any of the subtasks...but since subtasks are part of the main task, the main task, I think, should report out the total time spent on the task as a whole.

2) Is there a report I can run to show time spent on tasks, per person?  I am not looking for anything fancy in terms of time management, but since I work with contractors, I would like to say to Bitrix24, "Tell me how many hours PersonX reported they worked on tasks in the last two weeks" that I can pay them for that time worked.

Ah, I think I found it.....under "Tasks" in my workspace, I can run a report of "Task Resource Tracking" and then that gives me the answer I was looking for.....awesome!
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