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Google Calendar Sync, Syncing Google calendar to Bitrix24 calendar
Syncing of google calendar has started to bring in incorrect dates for events on the google calendar.
dates are out by a couple of days and this seems to be on recurring events on the google calendar.

Not sure what is happening but could be to do with the set up of recurring events where google is set to first thursday of every month for example and repeating monthly. Bitrix24 does not seem to take account of this and just puts the event repeating every month on the same date of the month and not the first thursday for example.

I am right with this and if so how do I get around it?
Edited: Richard Duff - 01/06/2014 19:15:55
Im having the same issue and just opened a ticket.
Well let me know the result please as I have given up with the calendar sync to outlook or google as Bitrix cannot sort out recurring entries for the same day each month as I mentioned above and lots of recurring events are first thursday of the month or second tues etc etc and both outlook and goolgle handle this properly but not when synced to Bitrix24

Please add the feature to Bitrix then it will have a better chance of working properly

Hi Richard & Ernesto,

Yes, unfortunately this type of repeated calendar events logic is not currently supported, thanks for reporting! I'll advise our plans on this feature later.

I'm evaluating Birtix24 and noticed this immediately. We have many events like this and the calendar is unusable without this function.
Hi Greg!

Thanks for sharing, I'll add your vote for this feature requests.


I am currently evaluating Bitrix24 and believe that it is a good CRM application. However, if the calendaring function cannot create events based on for example, "Third Tuesday of the Month" or "First Friday of the Month", then the calendar event function seriously compromises usability.

Firstly can I say that I really like Bitrix24 too but also spotted the 'event repeat' issue very early on.  

I guess this will get sorted in newer releases.

If there is any way it can be added as a priority because until then, we can't consider moving fully across as a company.


Hi Robert & Simon,

Thanks for the votes on the options.


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