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Replicate a long list of tasks, Copy and paste, or import a list of tasks
Our projects are made up of many tasks, sometimes 80-100 services.  We often deliver dozens of the same task many times, each on being a fixed length and price.

It's tedious to enter 50 of the same task into the task tool for a project.  I know I can copy a single task in order to replicate it, but is there any way to say "ins ert 25 of these tasks" in to the task management tool.  This is specific to Projects (workgroups).  If I can't do that, is there a way to import a list of tasks, or create a template for a project with many tasks in it?

Thanks, Jeff
Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately, now you can only create a task templates, not task with subtasks templates - our Dev team is aware of this feature necessity and we may add it soon (not in the upcoming spring update but later).
Kind Regards,

Thanks Yana!

Yes, this feature would make the product more useful and easier for the people who set up projects.  Even if we had the ability to import an excel file with a long list it would be a little less tedious.  Thank you for looking into it.

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