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Calendar Dates out by one day (April onwards)
Hi there

Can you tell me if there is a bug that is making the Absence calendar be out by a day? All our entries into the Absence Chart from April onwards are out by one day i.e. we enter them to start 7th April and the tag line says this but the solid entry is from the 8th. Very frustrating and not happening for January, February or March. Just April onwards.

If you can let me know that would be great.


Hi Kate,

Unfortunately we do not observe this problem on our PCs - please contact ourHelp Desk asap.
Kind Regards,

I am seeing the same thing on our hosted bitrix instance - i just uploaded a file at 4:12pm, and the timestamp on the file in the web view says it was uploaded yesterday at 4:12pm.

Its like its off by one day exactly.
Hi Dayton,

Please contact our Help Desk- they will take care of this. Thanks for reporting!

Kind Regards,

I am having the same issue
Hi Jason!

Please report this to our Helpdesk here - they will look closer into it, thank you!


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