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Tasks templates
Tasks templates are very useful. But I have a question. Is it possible to create a template with subtasks?
We don't have this option now, but it is in demand so we will be working on it.
just a question. isn't a task template with out subtasks basically useless?  the template functionality is only actually useful when you are actually have a group of tasks.  i suppose a work around might be to duplicate a task that happens to have a bunch of sub tasks.
This issue is realy important... But it is also important if it is possible to use task templates in business processses... is it possible?
How can I create a Task with sub stasks in a business process?
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Hello dear Bitrix24 users!
I've passed this feature to our development.
I think it's really needed option.
Thank you for your opinion!
I can't seem to find how to use a subtask template on the iPhone app ? Is the functionality available there or not yet ? Can it be added for an upcoming release please ?
Hi, Halima!

Unfortunately we don't plan to add this feature in the coming Updates. I'll pass your demand to the development. We'll think about it.

Best Regards,
Thank you Anna for your reply. So if I want to add a subtask from the iPhone app, I should create a new task, and later go to the desktop computer and change the parent task so it turns this new task into a subtask, is that correct ?
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Yes, your task can be solved now using this method only.

any news on sub-tasks in tasks templates yet?
We have repeating regular projects (house construction) and without this feature it's a pain to set up every project...

Hi Roland,

Unfortunately cannot give lights on this subject, we may add it later.

Kind regards,

Hi Yana,

thanks for the prompt reply.
Is the feature available in the self hosted version?

Regards - Roland
Is the feature available in the self hosted version?
Unfortunately not.


It's very needed feature.
Almost 6 months have passed.
Can someone say when will this feature be added???
Hi Mikheil,

Unfortunately, I cannot give light when the feature may be added, but we thank you for mentioning this feature importance.


plz plz. dont forget about this. this is one of the most important features i think :(
its must have feature.
Hi Mikheil,

We'll take it into account.


Can I share my task template to other users or group members? It's very useful to be able to share some repetitive tasks to members of the group.

We don't have this feature in Bitrix24 now. I have passed your request to the development department. Thanks for the feedback.
I love the templates. However I have the same issue as Apitan. I need to be able to share the templates with my business partner. Ann, how long do you think before this feature will be available? Thanks
Hi Andreea,

Thanks for the suggestion, we have plans to add it, but I cannot promise it will come soon though.


+1 for nested task templates. Either that, or enable us to create a workgroup/project, archive it, then allow us to duplicate the workgroup as needed, and re-assign clients and team members.  This would allow us to set up large, complex project templates which can then be used and edited as necessary.
Hi Tom,

Thank you for the suggestions.


Yana this is also a must have feature for us to be able to fully implement Bitrix.  If you have any update on progress please pass it along.  Thank you!
Hi Nick,

Yes, we have plans for this option, I cannot advise any deadlines now.

Kind Regards,

We also have the need for creating templates of Workgroups, with Tasks abd sub tasks and the checklists would be a great addition as well. This would be a huge feature for bitrix24 in competing in the project collaboration market.
Do you have any work around for this feature in the mean time?
Hi Shawna,

Thanks for your vote, we have plans for this option for sure, but can't advise when it will be implemented.

Regarding creating checklists to the task templates - when will this feature be implemented as this is a very useful feature.
Hi Samantha,

I'm afraid it will not be added in the upcoming release, so I suggest it will join our roadmap for the next year. Thanks for your vote!

I want to share a solution for the task template. Now you can create a task with prefix "[Template]", set it to deffered and create a filter with the condition "name contains [Template]". So you can create any subtask, checklist...or anything else as you want. Other fillters will have a condition "name not contains [Template]" to ignore the template tasks.

When you want to create a task with those template, you can use the copy function but now there are some bugs here
I've been using Backpack for 9 years but I am looking for something with more storage and integration between the calendar and the tasks.
I'm tempted by Bitrix 24 but there are a couple of things that are stopping me. Looks like lots of others are also mentioning 2 of these - but I thought that I would add my voice to the
feedback. You are offering this for free initially - so you deserve some free user feedback.
1.  No sub tasks in Task templates.
As some wise person has already said - what is the point of a template without sub tasks? You may as well just go ahead and create a new task. This would be a really good time saver.
2. You cannot reorder subtasks once you have created them.  This is really annoying if you work from a to do list - it means planning ahead all of the steps in a task and they might not
occur to you in the order you want to action them. It is a serious oversight - and a deal breaker for me.
3. There is sometimes a need to be able to assign things to another company without making them into a user. Here is an example from the field of publishing - 'Printers to provide spine width for new book'. This is something that an external agency - the printers - are going to do - and I cannot design the cover before they do this - so it needs to go on the list. But I cannot create them as a contact without adding their email address and sending them an invite to join. I don't really want them to join - I just need to be able to referance them without having to explain to them why they have got an email request to join. There may be things on the system that I do not want external companies to be able to view.
I think you need the facility to create external companies without having to give them an email address - and restrict their access to view things.
Even as a check box overide - this would be a really useful feature to have - although I guess there are work arounds.
4. It would be good to be able to categorise and colour code Tasks - in my case  Books in production, Covers in production. Advance information sheets, Press and publicity etc etc etc
So you could view all of the Tasks that fit into that Category.

So to sum up this is a promising piece of software but there is a great deal of hassle - moving over from Backpack is a big process - and I love the way that backpack lets you reorder tasks - I am not switching until issues 1 and 2 have been addressed. After that.. I'm in.
Hi Robin!

Thanks for the detailed tasks module review, we'll try to do our best & consider all of the observations.

Just one thing to clarify, please advise - the suggestion 3 - do I understand rignt that our Extranet feature (where invited external users have limited access to your account) does not suite, because of the email invite & registration process, right? Do you thinkthat the tasks should have a "share" via public link option?

Thank you!

Andy Morriswrote:
isn't a task template with out subtasks basically useless?

Just a polite note - it's been more than 2 years since this was pointed out, it really is mostly pointless having a template task which doesn't support such a powerful feature as subtasks. We are a project based company and this is precisely the functionality that we need.

We will work around for now - that's life - and we are not currently paying customers; but +1 for the subtasks in task templates.
Hi John!

Thanks for your arguments, I'll share them with our team.


Nguyễn Hoàng Vũwrote:
I want to share a solution for the task template. Now you can create a task with prefix "[Template]", set it to  deffered  and create a filter with the condition "name contains [Template]". So you can create any subtask, checklist...or anything else as you want. Other fillters will have a condition "name not contains [Template]" to ignore the template tasks.

When you want to create a task with those template, you can use the copy function but now there are some bugs here

Just for other users benefit, this workaround does not work as of 20/03/15. I'm not sure if the OP tested this workaround but copying a task does not duplicate it's subtasks. Which is really rubbish. We adopted Bitrix24 mainly for task management and it doesn't do any of the following key features:

1) reordering of subtasks
2) settings task to start at the end of another task, or at the same time as another task starts
3) Template tasks with subtasks
4) Copying a task which features subtasks. This only copies the parent task.
5) import tasks from CSV - if it supported this I might even be willing to use a CSV as my task template to import a list of subtasks

I might as well be using excel, unfortunately. This software does little more than filter a nested list at present.

I must say if I had invested any money in this software I would be very disappointed at the moment.

Is this a public beta that we're not being told about?
Hi Jon!

Thanks for listing the areas we need to improve\develop more, our dev team will start working on the tasks module improvement this year.


After getting enthusiastic when I came across Britrix24 today and all its features for collaboration and CRM, Unfortunately, as my business is very project based, after testing the platform I find it doesn't do what I expected in the task module.

The suggestions mentioned in this thread would be perfect. At the moment I can't find any sense in the task template without it including subtasks and checklists.

Implementing the tasks into the business process would be ideal too.

I'm a little disheartened after feeling that I found a great service earlier today. I suppose I'll have to wait for these features to be rolled out in a future update before being able to consider Beatrix24 as a solution to fit my needs. I won't hold my breath though, this thread started over 2 years ago.

Onwards and upwards, I'll have to go with another system for now.
Hi James,

Thansk for sharing your feedback, we appreciate this. Hope we will upgrade the tasks module in future so that everyone in thi topic discussion could find it more helpful.



After testing the templates section. We come around the problem where we can't share the templates. The templates are only visible for the one who has made the template. In the template are the 4 admins responsible but they don't see the templates.

Situation as it should be: I have 4 admins and all the admins need to see the tasks and templates which are made bij the other admins.

How can i arrange this?


Hi Jermaine!

Tasks templates are available only for their creator currenlty, I've added your vote for this feature suggestion.


Hi Yana,

Could you tell me what the time line is when this will be implemented?
Unfortunately I can't, we plan to start modifying the tasks module this year, but not sure about this particular feature.


Add me as a +1 on the necessity for templates to include subtasks and for tasks to be shared among users. I was also very excited when this program was suggested to me, thinking it would not only solve our current issues but grow with the company. Unfortunately, at this time, I do not believe it can SOLELY based on this one issue. If it can't handle my small company today with a fairly simple task structure, it can't possibly grow. And considering it has taken 2 years to implement these 2 vital upgrades, it leaves many people, I'm sure, wondering if the development of this software is going to keep up with your client base. It's a shame because there was clearly some great work in the development up to that point.
Hi Design Galveston!

Thanks for your votes & feedback - I'll share it with the team.


We're also a +1 on the necessity for templates to include subtasks and to have the ability to share them with other users. This functionality is essential for our needs as a publishing company. Hopefully this function will be included in future upgrades?
Hi Carl!

Tasks with subtasks templates are already available, we'll take your vote on "tasks templates sharing with other users" into account, thanks!


I am repeating what is mentioned above but Tasks need the ability to
Share task templates with others
Create checklists within a task template
Copy a task with sub tasks
Create a task with subtasks from template, whilst I can create a template with a parent task, it doesn't show it correctly in the task list, it only shows the parent task with no subtasks.

This seems to have many votes and feature request outstanding for a while, when will it be addressed?

PS I am using the self-hosted version
Having updated to the latest version, I appear to have the follwoing
Checklists within tasks
Cope a task with sub tasks
Create a template with sub tasks and then create correctly.

How do I share templates with other users?
+1000 share templates with other users.  It's in a must!

We losing so much time and very annoying to have many people in the same office recreating the same template, every time we implement a new task procedure/workflow.
Just a note, this program looks amazing, we were planning to switch over the whole company to Bitrix, but with the lack of ability to create useful templates(subtasks etc) and the lack of a clear and efficient project management section such as seen in other programs like Teamwork.  Hopefully we can revisit Bitrix in a year or two, but with the current deficiencies in templates, and the project management issues, we're going to be setting up with teamwork.  It's a shame, you have a fantastic program, but it seems to have a few serious deficiencies in critical areas.

The other strange issues is that for some reason with subtasks, the shift-enter, ctrl-enter commands don't work, which means that manual creation of sub-tasks is slow, making it all the more important to have good template sub-task functions.
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