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How to get rid of Fill out profile -taskes?
So everytime when new employee registration to our Bitrix I get as administartion to my tasks section 'FILL OUT PROFILE' task which is pointed to this new employee. It's really annoying when I am creator of the task even I did not manually add this task.

How to get rid of these?
Hi Sebastian,

Unfortunately, these tasks are automated and cannot be deleted, their function is to motivate new employees to fill their profile pages and give them the sample of how the tasks section works. As I understood this is an inconvenience to you as (by default) the tasks creator - I've passed this observation to the dev team, Thank you!

Kind Regards,

I too want to remove these from my account - can we have these genererated by a different account.  It's certainly not clear when you sign up that the person who signs up will be bombarded forever with these emails !
Hi Steve,

We'll take your opinion into account, thank you.

Kind Regards,

Is there a way to add new automated tasks when new employees are registered?
Hi Kasper!

Unfortunately not. The "Fill out profile" task is default one & new automated custom ones are not supported, The Business Processes cannot be based on tasks yet, so there is no way to build it on the base of BPs module yet.


I have the same problem and it's two years later now. These tasks are still here and it seems like you can still not change, delete or add any. Is there any solution?
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