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Adding Group Calendar?
Even though I'm logged in as an administrator, I can't seem to figure out how to create a Group calendar.  I'd like to have all users be shown a calendar that lists days off, etc.  The help pages talks about it, but I can't see how to do it.
Hi Doug,

For absense you and other employees can use Absence chart(Company>Absence chart).

If you are talking about a workgroup calendar - please create a new group or open an existing one, click Calendar - here you can add events for all memebers of this group (when you click add - in the new event creation window - you may notice that the group's calendar is chosen by default in the "calendar" line).

For the group members to view this calendar they need either to go to this group page and open the group calendar or they can add (configure) this group calendar to my space>calendar section - so that they will see all calendars at one place.
To add the group's calendar to your calendars list please:
-  click "configure" next to the Favorite calendar line.
-in the Group calendar section please choose (tick0 the name of the group which calendar you want to add). Save.
- enable (tick) new caledar name appeared in the favorite calendar list.
Now events from the this group calendar will be displayed in your calendar.

Please note that you do not need to use the admin mode to do that, and each group memeber can do this for himself if needed. Please find more info on how o use Bitrix24 calendars here.

Hope the above mentioned answers your question, if not please give more details what your problem is about. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

can we link tasks to this group calendar?, similar to Asana?
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