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New user cannot see group/company event calendar

I have set up several employees, with a group calendar.   All employees can see the calendar, save one.  I have tried the recommened solutions, using groups, and also granting full access, without success.  What am I doing wrong?

Hi Bob,

Please advise which group role does this employee has - group member\moderator\owner? Then please advise if this user can see the group content - activity stream, etc - if he sees the calendar line when he opens the group (please see screenshot):

If yes - please advise what exactly he cannot see - for example if he wants to see this group calendar from My Space>Calendars - he needs to configure this group calendar to favorite calendars. Please advise if he does?

More details and screenshot will be helpful.

Thank you.

Hi Yana,

In answer to your questions, the employee is a group member.   As we are just setting up the company on Bitrix, there isn't much of an activity stream yet.  We need to get the calendar up and running before we proceed further.

The user is a member of the Sales group.  When we open the Sales group view and then go to calendar, appointments from the Company Event calendar do  not show.

We also had the user add "Company Events" to their calendar, but it does not show.  Perhaps I need to create a new calendar and test from there?

On a side note, I notice that if I log out as one user from Bitrix, then log in as another user on the same computer, I see the previous user's name on the screen.
Hi Bob,

What I can see from this screenshot - is that Sales Group Calendar is not added to this employee's calendar. (please see the screenshot how the calendars should look like when the Sales group calendar is added to the employee's favorite calendars list):

To add favorite calendar please click Settings icon > Configure favorite calendars (see screenshot):

In the new window you will see the list of available calendars to add to your employee's calendar view - please go to the Group section and choose "sales group". Save.

Don't forget to tick the "sales Group" calendar name in the favorite calendars list - for this calendar to be displayed:

Please note that each of your employees would have to do the same to add the group calendars to their My space>Favorite Calendars section.

BTW all group memebers can see the group calendar from inside the group - they have to go the workgroup and click calendar - please see scrennshot:

Please advise if the adove mentioned helped.

Thank you.

Hi Yana,

After tinkering around, I was able to make this work. I deleted all of the existing social groups within Bitrix, then created a new group called CalendarFull, which is full calendar access (view/add/edit/delete), then added select employees to this group.  After following the above instructions, I was able to have the users see the new calendar.

The next challenge is how do I create a true company calendar where managers have full calendar access, but subordinates only have view/view ability access to the same calendar?

Hi Bob,

In your case you can edit access permissions rights to the groups calendar the following way:

Open this group>Calendar>setting>edit>access permissions

In the access permissions window please edit the preset access permission settings and for the new ones - please choose "add"

In the User Category please choose departments or users - depending on your scenario. Please note that access permissions will be granted to the user due to this rule:

If a user is assigned various roles (e.g. belongs to both a workgroup and a department which are granted different roles), the user will always be granted the highest level of access allowed by the various roles.

If you have difficulties with this way of using calendar - I advise you to try the scenario I proposed you above.

Kind Regards,

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