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Import task list, Importing a list of tasks from "Wrike"

Our company is in the progress if moving from several other applications, to btirix24. One of these include "Wrike" For our task management. We have more then 2000 tasks in wrike currently, and moving them over one by one is not an option. Is there a way for us to import them in bitrix24? Wrike supports export to XLS, therefor fields/data can be edited/modified to fit Bitrix24's needs.

We run the Cloud hosted free version, due to our company being rather small sized. We are thinking about partnering because we work with media and all alike.

Would love a fast reply,


Edwin de Jong
Web Developer
Sense Media AS
Hi Edwin,

We do not have tasks import, but if you are thinking about parthership and if you have developers in your company - you can register as Bitrix24 partner and use our REST API to develop a Wrike migration tool. Please find more info about our API.
Kind Regards,

Thanks for the quick response Yana, My question however is there a temporary solution for now? Developing such a migration tool might take some time, and we want to move over as quickly and efficient as possible. I was thinking about importing it directly in ms sql? However I guess that is only possible in the self-hosted solution.

Would it be possible if I provide the document/XLS file, And someone could look at it for me for now?


Hi Edwin,

As for your question about tasks import - it is possible either through REST API in Bitrix24 cloud or API in Bitrix24 self-hosted. These are the only ways possible.


Having a similar issue as listed above.  Have any partner API's been created to import tasks into Bitrix24?

I would love a speedy response as we are trying to migrate over to Bitrix24.  Without being able to import our tasks, switching to Bitrix will most likely not be possible.

Thank you,
Hello Jacy,

We only have the solutions for migration from Basecamp, Zoho, Yammer and Data2CRM. Find more apps here.
MAKE Interactive has an internal tool (which we offer as a service) by which task data in a CSV or Excel file can be used to create tasks in any version (cloud service or "self-hosted") of Bitrix24. We can be contacted at  We can provide simple instructions such that you would not even need to provide access to your Bitrix24 instance.  
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