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Cannot add members to workgroup, No option exists to add a member to an existing workgroup
Hello Bitrix Support team,

I seem to be unable to add a member into an existing workgroup, see below attachment. There is no option to "add" the member, although I can select them.

Strangely, I can add members to a NEW workgroup during the workgroup creation process but cannot add people to an existing one.

I've tried with 4 different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera) but nothing has worked.

Please help! We've been resorting to an inefficient method of requesting and invite and doing it manually that way.

Thank you!

Hi Tony,

Thanks for reporting, something went wrong - we'll fix it asap.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,

Yes. Same problem with my account :-( Solution?
Hi Sven,

Thanks for reporting, we've found the solution already - the fix should be in place tomorrow.

Kind Regards,

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