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Completed task and calendar
when I add task, I can see it in calendar (my task), but if I click on finish task, that task doesnt dissapear from calendar.
It doesnt make a sense, cause when I complete task, why I should have it in calendar? It looks like task isnt complete.
Is there any "cheat" how to fix it? thanks for answer.
Edited: B24_622115 - 06/25/2014 18:33:13
I'm not sure, that your proposal will suite other users. I've asked our devs to add an option for hiding required tasks in calendars. I think this is the best option for now.
I cannot say whether this option will included or not.
Ok, so try explain me something,
When I add task do employee´s task list, that task is meeting as well and I need to get report that task was completed and how meeting happened. Maybe there is another way how to solve it. Please help me. thank you

When the task that you've set for your employee is finished - you'll receive a notification, if you need the meeting summary you can ask your employee to add a comment to the task with the task briefing - you'll also get a notification about a new comment being added to that task. For other statistics on tasks - you can also have a look at Tasks Reports section (My Workspace>Tasks>Reports).

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