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Use Internal Hyperlink from another workgroups?
Can I use Internal Hyperlink from another workgroups?

My case is:
- I have a wiki page "How to use Bitrix" at workgroup A
- In workgroup B, I added [[How to use Bitrix|How to use Bitrix]] but when I go to that link, it's an empty page?

Anyone have suggestion?
Hi Vũ Boy,

Can you please specify where exactly have you ins erted this link? For example, if I insert it in to the Activity Stream message of the group B - it works fine, if I insert it in to the wiki section of the group B (with the link tab) - it also works fine.

Please note also that users will be able to see the original wiki page of the group A - due to the group A access permissions (which means if users have no right to the group A - they will not see the wiki of that group also).

Hi Yana,

Thanks for your fast reply.

For clearly, there are my steps:

1. Create a page "Company Information" in workgroup A
- the link to group A is
- the link to page "Company Information" is

2. Go to group B which there is no wiki page and create a wiki page "Another Page"
- the link to this group is
- the link to page "Another Page" is

3. Edit page "Another Page" and Add Internal Hyperlink that generated this code [[Company Information|Company Information]] and saved

4. I checked the "Another Page" and saw the Red link Company Information
-> I think that link was changed to group B so it's empty?

Vu Nguyen
Dear Vũ Boy,

Sorry I didn't get it from the beginning - what you need to do is use "Link" option to insert another group wiki link, but not "Internal Hyperlink" - that one is used for links inside one wiki only.

Ok I got it. I thought there is a simple way to add internal link in another workgroup but there no :(

There is :-) Please use link option insted of hyperlink (see screenshot):

insert link text and url in the from:
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