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Business Process
In business processes how can we set it to assign task to other users who are not admin users? Also if a user that doesn't have admin permissions clicks on "Go To Document" to view the document they're not allowed to because they don't have the permissions to view the lists module, so how can I allow them to view the document they need to read or approve without giving them admin rights or without manually sharing the document with them?
Hi DeCoreus,

The user doesn't need to have an admin status to have access for docs "read" & "approval". You need to set access permissions in the business process itself with the help of "Set Permissions" action. If in the "set permissions" action form you can't find the user whom you need to grant access, then you need to create a business process parameter - type "User" (you can set the needed user as defualt at the same time) & then choose him in the Access permissions form.

Please read more in this Training Course on Business processes

Kind Regards,


I created a List. And I created a Business process to run while adding an element in the list.
In each record I have a column for which I select the column type as Link to Employee.

my questions are,

1. How do the system automatically select the Login employee as default value for this column?
2. I want a Business Process such that whichever employee adds a record into this List, they can only edit that record others just can Read. How do I this Business process template?

Please help me asap.

Thanks & Regards
Sridhamasakha dasa
Please contact our Helpdesk with Business Process settings screenshot & these questions. Thank you.


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