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Unacceptable file size limitation in B24 cloud version, Unacceptable file size limitation in B24 cloud version
Hi All.
I've just been told from Bitrix24 Support service that in the cloud version maximum file size in Drive is 1024MB and it is not possible to increase it.
I think paying 200$/month for an intranet with similar limitations is not acceptable, I really don't understand why could not be removed or managed case by case.
Hi Simone!

This limitation is only for files upload to the Bitrix24 Activity Stream messages & My Drive web form, but you can upload unlimited size files to Bitrix24.Drive via Bitrix24 Desktop app Drive section - e.g. if you enable Bitrix24 synchronization with your local machine, you can put files to the Bitrix24 folder (created after first synchronization) on your computer, and the files will be automatically synchronized to your Bitrix24 (will appear in My Drive in the web version).  

Kind Regards,

Thank you Yana for this explanation.
I will try your procedure and let you know.
Best Regards.
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