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No Drive (or Desktop App) and No Business Processes for Documents

I've installed bitrix24 desktop for mac, but it doesn't do anything when open - no window, nothing.  Also, many menu items are greyed out.

Also, when clicking on the actions lists for documents in the web interface, there is no option for "business processes".

Am I missing something?

Hi DJ Hofer!

Please contact our Help Desk

As for the business processes - they are not accessible from the desktop app, only web interface.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for your response.

My second question was about business processes in the web interface (not the app).  My understanding is that one should be able to click the actions list and sel ect business processes fr om that list.  But, there is not such option available:

Ok, I see what your question on BP is about (excuse me, didn't get it from beginning) . First you need to enable business processes option for docs from Company>Company Drive>More. After business processes on docs will be available from the same direction. (existing BPs can be chosen from the files menu - as of your screenshot above).

Hope this helps.

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