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2 users 1 document
What happens when a user is working on a document (which they opened through their desktop drive) and another user opens that file to. Can it be automatically locked, will it make 2 versions.... it is not clear to me.

By the way, is the drive having some problems today? I was testing this and the documents do not upload (on separate computers).

Hi Aaron!

You can collaborate on documents directly in your Activity Stream, write comments, attach new document version, receive feedback, see changes taking place real time! You can allow editing document to all users who are participating in the current discussion (you will see changes in real time) , or force them attach new version of your text document or spreadsheet in the comment-box.
After all changes have been done to the document, your colleagues and you can save it in a Document Library on your portal, download it to your computer, or you can simply leave it in the Activity Stream. You will always be able to see the file history if you need to work with the previous version.

Kind Regards,

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