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Question About the Share This Item Feature
I'm trying to figure out the use of the Share This Item menu selection in the file menu on the drive. It's not clear how this works. I would expect the option to select employees/users using this feature; however, this does not appear to be the case. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Hi Rodney!

The "share this item" option allows you to get a oublic link to the file which you can share with anyone outside Bitrix24 - you can set password or time restrictions if you'd like. To share files with Bitrix24 users please use "access permissions" module - add>choose user>choose access level (read\edit|full access) - after that the chosen user will be able to access the file from your profile page>drive. Otherwise you can attach the file to the chat message or to the activity stream message addressed to the particular employee.

Kind Regards,

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