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No Google Docs Preview + everyone can publicly share files
Hey everyone!

There are two issues I am having right now:

1.) There seems to be no preview option for documents that were created using Google Docs. I always get an "Error. No preview available." message.
2.) How can I prevent users from having the option to create a public link to any file? I have given a certain user only "read" permission, yet he can still share the file publicly if he wants to.

I have another question concercining documents.

Is it possible to link to external sources (like Youtube Videos) and then somehow get those external links integrated into the list of files in a folder?
Hi Florian,

1) Unfortunately we observe the same problem, please report it to our Helpdesk - so our staff could collect all necessary information to be able to fix the problem. Meanwhile, you can download these files create online to your computer.

2) This option is not available, Ive passed the suggestion to the devs. Thank you.

3) What you can do for files, open the "actions">"properties & description", "discussion" - here you can add comments to the file. The Youtube (or any other) link can be shared here.


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