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Non MS-Office "Edit on my computer" button
I really like the "Edit on my computer" feature (and the desktop sync functionality).
However it would be even better if it would work for non-MS Office files as well (for example my XMind mind maps).
Isn't it possible to implement that through the desktop application and the 'ShellExecute' feature?

Actually it would be even better if I could configure somewhere that the 'Edit on my computer' action is started when clicking on the file (instead of opening the preview).

Thanks for the suggestions, we'll consider them!


It would be fantastic if that could be implemented. Things would work better than other solutions that only support WebDAV enabled applications (or even worse: expect people to download and upload files manually...). I guess that the effort to implement is minimal.
Thanks Tom!
For your information: Huddle supports all types of applications through a small desktop application.
Edited: Tom Van den Eynde - 01/19/2015 17:45:41
Thanks for the sample Tom, we'll have a closer look :-)

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