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Users cannot open/download attached files
I've uploaded PDF & JPG files for another user to approve, and she cannot open or download them. She just gets a blank window.

Are there some kind of permission settings or something to allow this?
Hi Theresa,

If you are using Business Process for doc approval, please check the BP setting - if still facing difficulties, contact the Helpdesk with error & BP settings screenshots.

If you are trying to open the files attached to the Activity Stream messages, please attach a problem screenshot or explain more - do the files appear as attachments with no error icons? does the user try to open them in Google docs? (if yes - the problem is not on our side unfortunately we cannot do anything about that yet, you can doqnload the file to your computer)


I have no idea if I'm using Business Process or not. How would I know this? I've never heard that term, so I would guess not, unless it's set up that way be default?
I guess you not using the BP :) otherwise you would know

Unfortunately it seems you are facing the problem with Google Viewer..(which does not depend on us)

BTW you will be able to work with files via local applications installed on your computer as soon as New Bitrix24 Drivewill be availble. You can read more about it here.


Yana. how are other people viewing documents then? What can I do about the Google Viewer? Is everyone having this issue and you're just saying sorry, can't help you? I don't get it.
I'm reading the blog post you provided about the BP, but I can't find how to even navigate to the Common Documents area to set this up. Is this only for paid accounts perhaps?
Please go to Company>Company Drive>Settings - enable BPs first, after that you will see Business Processes option in Company Drive Settings.

What can I do about the Google Viewer?

Unfortunately there is no way from our side to help with this issue, usually this problem occurs not for all files - but only for those edited online. It doesn't mean we are not concerned about this problem, it just means that is not our bug we can fix fast, we are still looking for options.

Since I am new to Bitrix24 and been testing it for last few days to see if it's our company's cup of tea, I failed to understand posting a new thread on this forum. Please guide me on this and by the way I am using free version of Bitrix24 for the moment if it has to do anything with this!
Now my real question/problem is:
I have created a task with few documents attached to it, two participants and a observer. While I was trying to restrict the observer's access to view some of the files, I tried to change the default save file location (i.e., Download folder of My Drive) to one of the grand subfolder of a main folder in My Drive, error message showed up ("folder not exist" is it because of too many subfolder under the parent's folder; about 5 subfolders?) and I then saved to one of the main folder in My Drive. But when I went back to check the folder; neither was it there nor in any of my other folders of My Drive. The file is missing! But opening the same task, I can see the file but opening it shows "access denied" on the opened window!

Please help me.
Edited: Tsering Dongkar - 02/26/2015 16:16:39
Hi Tsering!

I'm not sure I got it right - where did you upload the file? to the task form itself or comment? I'm trying to repeat your scenario but can't change the folder in the task form. I would appreciate more details :-) Thank you.

As for new forum topics creation - the forum consists of several subforums or categories - e.g. general questions, CRM, etc. - open any of the categories, you will find "add new topic" tab in the right corner above the the topics list. For eaxample to add new topic to this categoty Bitrix24 Drive & Documents, open this categoty first.


Hi Yana,

Thank you for your prompt response!

All of sudden I (Task creator and Site-admin) could open the file and my other test account as a task observer as well :0. Might have something to do with just updated version (where My Drive layout has changed and might have some others as well).
Though the file can be access from task, but it is still missing from My Drive. Since the last change from default saving location (Download folder in My Drive) to other folder, it went missing from my whole My Drive folder. Opening the file through the task shows that it is saved under intended folder but couldn't be found going to that folder!!!
With the recent update, it seems like "no access" option was removed. Why?
Is it possible to have customised access to each of the task participants and/observers to some of the files attached to the particular task?
I see, yes, we have finally rolled out Bitrix24Drive update for all accounts just yesterday (you can read the update overview in this blog post) The access logic works particular way - the files access works according to this rule (same as access permissions rules for CRM section) - If a user is assigned various access levels, he\she will always be granted the highest level of access allowed by the various accesses, which means if the user is already granted any level of access to the file - there is no sence to give him "no access" level as well as it won't restrict it. From the other side - te users not added via sharing option to the file's access list - have no access to the file by default (except admins in admin mode & higher standing users (your department's head, directors).

I would kindly ask you to contact our Helpdesk for your question about the attached to the task file location, they will assist.


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