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Google Drive // Bitrix Drive not speaking to eachother, Title has this
No matter what I do, these two are not speaking to eachother.

I uploaded a file from my google drive folder on my desktop (linked to my drive), I open this file and click "edit with google docs", I edit this, close, then save.... then when I open the file in drive, there is no update shown... arent these two supposed to work together?  
Hi Alexander!

If you are talking about Google Viewer problem - edted online (in Google docs) files cannot be viewed after - this problem exists unfortunately, it is connected with the Google Viewer & there is not much we can do from our side at this moment. But we are still looking for options.


I think I need to really dumb this down fr om what I've seen in the forums....

I uploaded my google drive folders to bitrix drive.
In bitrix i open a document thats linked to my google drive.
I edit the document with bitrix built in "edit with google" selection
I close the document, I save the document
I then open my google drive, open the document.
The document shows no signs of the changes made in bitrix

If i need to make this even MORE simple, please let me know and ill try.
We are REALLY hoping for this to work, as it would be a powerful asset. But its not playing well with google drive, wh ere we are holding most our online documents.
Google Drive & Bitrix24 Drive synchronization is not supported, excuse me for not making it clear from the start. We'll consider this option for future updates. Thank you.


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