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Printing Tasks and The Sub Checklist, Is there a way to print the tasks as well as the checklist?
I tried to search for this but couldn't locate an answer but I'm guessing someone must have asked before so apologies in advance if I'm asking again. I'd like to print all the tasks I have developed and the underlying checklist of things to do but I've been thus far unable to figure out how. I'd appreciate any advice you could give and thank you.
Hi David!

The tasks cannot be printed directly from Bitrix24 currently, but you can export the tasks list to Excel & print is after (Tasks>All>open filter - export option is at the very end of the list) Please note that only the main tasks details will be displayed in the list - like responsible person, deadline, etc. but checklist won't be exported.


Hello Yana. Is a feature like this in planning? This would be very convenient for professional project planning, for example Scrum:

Many thanks,
Joshua  :)
Hi Joshua Christian,

Thanks for the suggestion & the pic  :) We are thinking about it, can't promise anything yet.


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