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MyDrive Uploading Issues, Documents not uploading
Good morning,

I have a few documents that don't seem to be syncing from my computer to MyDrive. Sometimes they will do an initial sync and then fail to sync moving forward. Otherwise they don't sync at all. They have a red icon on them on my computer (screen shot attached). Please advise.

BitrixUpload.png (137.25 Kb)
Hi Auroop!

Please report this to our Helpdesk. Thank you.


Hi Yana,

I have the same issues.  The sync feature is not automatic ?  Is there a setting for syncing updates ?

It's 13:59 now and my drive shows "Last synchronized: today, 06:31"

Have updated a few files on the desktop "mydrive" but its not automatic.

Please help with this.

Dear Bernard!

The Drive sync should be enabled in the Desktop app > Drive section - if it is but you're experiencing delays - please report this to our Helpdesk, as we've updated the disk a couple of days ago - that is technically a big update & the problem may be somehow related to that.

Please attch logs if posssible:

for Windows:
& - bdisk_*.log

For Mac:

Execute this command in the console (terminal) tar -czvf bdisk_log.tgz ~/.bxd/*.log and attach this log -  bdisk_log.tgz.

Thank you!


I'm still having issues with files syncing. It seems like one file will sometimes sync and other times it will not. The file name is just alpha-numeric.
Have you reported this to the Helpdesk with logs?

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