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Bitrix24.Drive unreliable since update
Anyone else had a drive reliability problem since recent update? Empty folder appears, then on a manual sync the client software shows the transfers in progress taking the time you would expect, but the files do not show. Theres been 1 or 2 posts relating to drive problems, but not sure they are exactly the same problem as this.
side point, but more than 100%?
Hi David!

Please report this to our Helpdesk, the support team will have a closer look at your problem, thank you!


Update which may help other users. We've tracked the problem down to folder names with trailing spaces. Really not sure how they are getting there but if you manage to get a folder up in the cloud with a trailing space, then want to connect it to your drive to sync it back down to your desktop - it won't work
I´m just SICK about this drive feature.

It is not only UNRELIABLE but if you have multiple computers connected using the Bitrix24 Desktop Application, when one of the "UnSynced" machines get back in Sync IT OVERWRITES THE WORK OF OTHERS WITH OLDER FILE VERSIONS.

I propose several clients to use Bitrix24 as the standard intranet solution for their companies and now they all have lost information, want me out of their companies and no one wants to pay for the subscription. How in the world i´m supposed to be able to sell something that doesn't work at least decently.

I hope to get any answer on this.

Edited: Jorge Rene Alvarado Villacis - 04/23/2015 22:26:49 (Add and idea.)
Hi Jorge!

Could you please advise your Bitrix24 intranets domain names (or ticket IDs)? We would like to investigate this issue. Thank you.


We wpuld kindly ask you to send Desktop app logs to our Helpdesk& give more details in the ticket (pleasea dvise the file(s) names affacted by this problem)


Will do it in a few hours.

Thnx for your reply.
Any update on this?

I am really curious about these drive syncing problems.  This one sounds particularly worrying.

Hi Aaron!

We do not observe the problem currently, if there can be any doubts on your Drive behaviour - you can send desktop app logs to the Helpdesk team to check, but normally there is nothing to worry about.


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