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Google Docs Problems, We recommend not to use Google Docs in Bitrix24 untill the problem is solved
Currently Bitrix24 & Google Docs integration is not working properly. Here are the examples of the problems Bitrix24 users may experience after editing in Google Docs:

- broken format of .xlsx files;
- .docx files cannot be viewed after editing;
- 404 error.

In case you've faced one of the problems listed above - please note that to be able to work with the broken file - you will need to restore it's previous version.

Bitrix24 dev team is working hard on the problem solution, meanwhile we recommend not to use Google Docs in Bitrix24, alternatively - locally installed applications or MS Office Online can be used for working with documents in Bitrix24 intranets.  
We have fixed the issues, please note if you have edited files during the time the problem being observed (last couple of days) - you will need to restore the previous version of the edited files anyway- please open file's history (see n.5 in this FAQ). In case you failed to restore the previous version of the file yourself - please contact our Helpdesk.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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