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Office 365 Documents, Cant Create Documents in Drive
I'm in the process of evaluating Bitrix24 for my company and 3 others. Most of the basics are nicely laid out and simple enough but I'm having big problems integrating MS Office Online.

When I try to link an Office 365 Office Online account to Bitrix 24 I cant. I get an authentication error. If I try and link a non business personal home use MS OneDrive account then it works fine. However this isn't really any use, businesses don't use use personal home user MS Live accounts, they Use Office 365 Enterprise accounts.

So how do I link a business MS account to the Bitrix Drive App?
Hi Gavin Flex Central Support,

Office 365 Office business accounts - Online document creation & editing are not yet supported, but we are working on it. Thanks.


Just a quick suggestion about Office integration.  If Bitrix could support the Office Web apps (which is a self hosted product from Microsoft) that would probably be one of the greatest selling points.  Online document editing with real-time multiple users being able to edit the document together.  While microsoft does seem to be pushing to go Cloud everything, some times being able to self host it all is nice.
Thanks for the sugegstion Travis, I'll pass it to the devs.


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