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Connect existing network folders
While going through a slide show as seen in the screenshot i have attached (The text in red is what states this and says "Folders on your local network can also be linked and displayed as document drives and indexed. Self hosted only").

It states that the self hosted version supports importing local network folders directing into Bitrix.  I assume this is without the need of the Bitrix desktop app.

This would save me a huge amount of time, as our current company network drives contain about 1 Million files.

How is this accomplished?
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Edited: Travis Swentosky - 01/11/2016 20:21:38
Dear Travis,

Please contact our Helpdesk. Thank you.


Hello Travis Swentosky,

do you found a solution to accomplish the connection of network shares with bitrix? I'm facing the same problem.

I never did find a solution, I had to move small chunks of files over which was a fun task for 1.4TB of data with over 1.4 million files.  The WebDAV protocol being used by Bitrix is even more of a pain, because almost no WebDav client software works with it since the protocol does not render the source document.  So if you try to use anything but Windows Explorer to access the WebDAV drive, when you open a document all you get is PHP code.

However machines running Linux have zero issue with this and it renders the documents correctly.  Quite simply the document drive, mapping of folders, and such need some work done by the Bitrix development team.
One huge flaw is unless you keep a machine dedicated to saving everything in the company drive with the use of the desktop app, there is no easy way to get a backup of files with document and folder names.  On the server side everything is just stored in numbered folders, and the documents are just numbered as well.  They don't actually have file names associated with them.  This itself is a huge problem if the Bitrix database gets corrupted because you have no way of telling what documents are named.

The way it should have been designed is folders and documents retain their true names server side, and a secondary folder gets created called "Revisions"  Then when a document gets edited, the previous copy is moved to the revision folder (which maintains the current structure) and just adds a REV01, REV02, ect at the end of the file name.

While we have been happy with the software, any company that relies on heavy document storage and editing, might see problems with how Bitrix handles everything unless these issues gets addressed.
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 03/07/2016 17:48:12
Thanks for this information Travis. I hope i find a good solution for our Company. To get no backup from our Documents independently from the bitrix virtual appliance is a huge Problem.
I tell you if i found a better solution :)
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