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Documents TAB for Companies, Deals and Contacts, Ability to add documents easily from workgroups as attachments to Company, Contacts and Deals
It would be great if there was the ability to add documents for within the bitrix workgroup structure easily. Yes you can add a field to a company contact or deal, but it is cumbersome. It needs to be like adding an event or email in the tabs.  

Idea is to have all the documents that you need for a company, like NDA's agreements etc, was well as the same for deals.

Also when you create an event, it does not go into the activity thread, it goes to the history thread.  This is a bit annoying.

The disconnect between the CRM and the workgroup structure ( which I love) needs some works.
Hi Rick,

Thanks for the suggestion on files in the CRM. As for the event tab - it actually is designed for past events - that is why they all end under History (we'll think about this option name & if it worth renaming).


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