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How do i move files from my drive to company drive?
Please assist.
Thank you.

Hi Donald!

There is no direct way to do that, but here we have 2 workarounds:

1. Share your My Drive files with all users - open My Drive general settings (right top corner) > Assign permissions > Add more > other > all authorized users. In this case all files will stay in your own My Drive but any other user of your account will be able to find them from your profile page > Drive.

2. If you have these files at your local computer folder (A)- you can synchronize them with a special folder in Company Drive. Here is how:
- first, make sure you have your desktop app running & files sync enabled there.
- open Company Drive & create new folder for future files (B).
- in this folder (B) options menu please choose "connect to Drive" - this folder will appear under your MY Drive.
- on your local computer - manually move folder with files (A) -  to Bitrix24 folder> folder B at your local computer - you need to move them directly to this new folder (the one you have just created under Company Drive) (B)
These files will automatically appear both in your My Drive & Company Drive in Bitrix24 cloud.

Hoe this helps.


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