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Missing Topic Thread - Sync Issues, Important Topic Thread relating to "Sync Issues" has dissapeared

Can you please tell me where the forum topic thread "Sync Issues" has gone.

I received the notification below earlier but when trying to navigate to the thread, I cannot find it.

From: <>
Sent: 03 May 2017 23:06
To: Peter Reed-Forrester
Subject: Bitrix24: [F] Sync issues : Documents and Bitrix24.Drive

Informational message from Bitrix24

New message at the Bitrix forum.

Topic title: Sync issues

Message author: Antonino Di Giovanni
Message date: 05/04/2017 01:05:50

Message text:
Hi Yana,
I think we all understand your compassion but it is almost 1 year we keep saying the same thing over and over and over and over again, sending logs and proactively mentioning what should be done considering what doesn't work.

We have been told several times it was our problem with our server, firewall, internet connection, etc. while IT IS NOT and we engaged with other IT service provider company to look into it and they denied there was an internal issue ... the time out and other syncs problems are within Bitrix24 as for not having a very user friendly tool to report on the sync, manually skip files/folders/workgroups, give sync priority, etc.

On this forum and chatting with other organizations/companies, I can see that WE ARE NOT the only one.

We can't even talk to anyone at Bitrix24 despite we are not on a free plan and this is really unacceptable as also mentioned by Peter.

On the top of that, we also mentioned the problem with Bitrix24 cloud search tool that is not helping our colleagues to check properly the locations of their files in one go. This is a big step backward compared to the old fashion search on our shared drive and sort by details or the other 7 ways (tiles, content, list, etc.)

We are till here waiting for an answer.


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