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In the "Files" section, it appears that it is not possible to change the width of the various columns. This is especially unfortunate because the "Description" field is the narrowest field of all default fields, even though it is the one that for many users contais the most content. On the other hand, fields such as "modified" and "by" are way too wide - they will likely never contain that much text as to fill the available space.... Can the column width be changed to more reasonable sizes?
Hi, Thorsten!
No, unfortunately, there are no settings for the column size at the moment.
I agree. The column "description" should be much wider. It would be good if you could set the column's width. I will pass your idea to the development department.
Thank you!
Best Regards, Anna
Really need to make it possible to resize widths of columns. My comments column is about 100 px wide while my contact column is about 350 px. Need to update pronto.
Hi Rusty!

Thanks, we'll take it into account.


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