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Unable to use the multiple document uploading on Mac
We are looking to implement Bitrix24 in our non-profit organization, however we are running into a challenge when uploading multiple documents to any of the document libraries using Apple desktops and notebooks (e.g. Apple iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7.x and 10.8.x)

Utilizing a variety of browsers, including Safari, Chrome and Firefox, the following problems are occurring:
  • In the "Standard" view of the Multiple Document Uploader, none of the buttons work when they are clicked (i.e. "Add Folder" or "Add Files") which means we can't select any files to upload.
  • In the "Classic" view, we are able to browse the local directory structure and "check" the files we want to upload, however when clicking the "Upload Files" button, nothing happens at all.
In the "Simple" view, we are able to successfully upload multiple files, but have to go through the tedious process of selecting one file at a time.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, as this will be a MAJOR challenge for our user base and a support question that will continuously come up over time.

Kind regards,

Glenn van Gulik
Hi, Glenn!
We know about this problem with "Multiple download" and our developers will fix this bag as soon as possible.
At the moment i can advise you to use the Bitrix24.Drive  feature in the Desktop App, which will help you to download multiple files on the portal. Simply synchronize the map on your desktop with the cloud and all documents will be there.
Thank you, Anna.

Can you confirm the timeline for this bug fix? The majority of our users are on Mac products, so this would be extremely beneficial to have fixed prior to our full rollout in the next few weeks.


Hi Glenn!
Unfortunately i can't determine the precise date when the updates will come.
Does the Bitrix24.Drive suite your needs partially?
We'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
Thanks you, Anna.

This is definitely a major bug, especially with more and more people moving to the Mac product line. I would be extremely pleased to see this updated as soon as possible.


Has this issue been fixed? I'm also having issues uploading multiple files to the company drive when using MacOS.  We're looking to implement your solution for our company but we need this feature to work on a Mac.
Our company uses all Macs, and now the Desktop App is not working either!  We are a paying customer (pro version) and the help desk (who is supposed to be supporting us) has not answered for three days now - and I have no sync at all on my mac desktop app.
Hi Jeff!

Thanks for your information  - unfortunately that is a bug we are working on (it is connected with sync of big amount of files) - it will be fixed but I cannot advise the deadline for sure. Yesterday we have uploaded a  new version of Mac desktop app (support staff shared it with you via the ticket). Please, download it, repeat synchronization & please report to the Helpdesk if the problem persists  - there is a change it won't. I do understad that is not the fix we have to provide - but we intend to do our best to solve this proble. We apologize for the long trouble shooting &  inconvenience it have caused.

Kind Regards,

This did not fix the problem. We need you the get this fixed right away, and to also communicate with us what is going on.  We are a paying customer and need to know if we should keep paying you, or choose another service. If Bitrix24 is not going to work as promised we need a better solution.
Dear Jeff!

Our developers are working out a solution for you right now, the support team will contact you via ticket as soon as it will be ready.

Kind Regards,

Was this issue every resolved?  I'm having an issue uploading multiple documents as well.  After uploading the first document I receive an error message "Server or not found."
Hi Scott,

Unfortunately we observe the same problem, the standard type of Multiple Upload is not working properly currently. We are working on the Bitrix24 Drive update that will be available this month (December 2014). We apologize for the inconvenience.


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