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Change local folder for drive, Installed the desktop, change folder

I'm looking for a way to change the local folder for cloud storage. I installed the desktop app, but there doesn't seem to be a way to change the destination folder. It's a problem since my C: is just a SSD and I don't want to take up space on it with big media files.

Yet, I have 4TB locally on hard drives, that gives me more than enough space. An option in settings to change it from C: to say, F: would be great.

Any help appreciated.
Ahh I found it. It's right at the bottom of the install window where the big green Connect Button is.
Hi Jules,

We also advise you to read our blog post How to use Bitrix24.Drive.

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Best regards,

As I've been seeing, some answers are vague. This posto "How to use Bitrix24.Drive" does not have anything related with the topic. Jules, as well as me, wants to know how to Change local folder for drive. Witch means the local "C:\Users\USER\Bitrix24" for, let's say, "D:\Bitrix24". Is that possible?
Hi Guilherme,

We apologize for the inconvenience but this option is currently unavailable (it was available in the previous version), we will add it soon.

Kind Regards,

Definitely interested in this option as well.  

Being able to specify the directory path is crucial! Glad to know the option is coming...
Hi Adam,

Yes, it will be added soon.
we need this option to integrate our other offline DMS application . When the same feature is expected back.
Hi CA. B.C. Chechani,

This option is likely to be added in our next release.

Kind Regards,

Is there any news on when this feature would be integrated?  We would need this as well.
Hi all!

This option is already available, you need to switch off Drive sync in the desktop app (click drive icon in the left-side menu to open Drive, than click settings icon  - switch off the drive sync), in the Drive page you'll see a path to your current Bitrix24 folder location & option to change this location - click on the option & specify the new path.


Hi Yana,

I am still not able to change the path for local system. Can you please share the steps to do it with screen shots?
First, you need to disable Bitrix24 Drive synchronization (setting tab > Bitrix24 Drive )

Now switch to Bitrix24 Drive tab & navigate to Change destination folder


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