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access workgroup files on latest Bitrix Desktop App, How to access workgroup files using latest app?
I read in the update that the v3 of the desktop app would allow seeing workgroup files.  How can I do this?

Also, I've found a shortcut in "My Files" - called "Shortcut to <workgroup name>" - and it's listed as a shared folder - but a different "shared icon".  Do you know how this could have been created?  I didn't create it.  It is very useful when dealing with the files on my mac's file system, though.

Here is a screenshot
Edited: Jason Fuller - 12/12/2013 19:12:26
Do you know how this could have been created?  I didn't create it.

There are several options where from did this folder appear in your files:
1. Group files. When in the "Files" section inside of your Group you click "Make group files available for sync" - the group files folders appear in your "My Files" main section. And if you will connect Bitrix24 Drive - it will also sync with your Bitrix24 Drive. This folder should have the name of the group it comes from (please note that the name your folder has was a temporary name solution we implemented and you've picked up, that is why you can be a bit confused about it)
The icon will look like the one on your screenshot.
2. If you or some of your colleague shared a folder from your\his "My Files" section - they sync with your and his Drive also (if Drive is connected) and appear in yours and his "My Files" main sections.
The icon for shared with a collegue(s) personal files will look like your plus a Hand icon below.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Yana, you answered my question perfectly!  It was the first option, "make group available for sync".

So is this the option that allows the v3 desktop app to access workgroup files?
Yes, that's right, this option allows the desktop app to access workgroup files.


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