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What you need to know about Document Libraries: Network Drive
Any individual document library or folder in a library of Bitrix24 may be set up to be accessible locally on a user’s computer as a network drive (Image 1).

A new disk appears in the list of network drives (Image 2, left-hand side). You can work with this folder and the files in it through a file manager like Windows Explorer. Access rights (read, write, deleting) are granted in accordance with the access rights of the document library.

The content of documents added or edited via this network drive connection are immediately indexed in Bitrix24, so it will appear in search results.

Disks can be set up in the main operating systems in use (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Simply click the Network Drive button located at the top of the document library and follow the instructions provided.

Instructions for connecting a network drive differ according to the operating system and browser which you use.
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2.png (87.44 Kb)
Each library (user, groups and shared documents) has to be mapped individually.
what worked for me in Windows 7

start > my computer > map network drive > sel ect letter > folder > (etc) > Finish

I could map both personal folder & 'company drive' as 2 separate drive letters.
I could see and save to them direct fr om Word.

(it didn't work when I used "connect to a web site to store docs..." or command line method !)
Hi Colin,

Thanks for the observation. BTW have a look at Bitrix24 Drive - our new development line, here are our blog posts about it:
A new level of collaborative work with documents in Bitrix24
New features in Bitrix24.Drive

My Bitrix24.Drive is taking too long to load?. Any idea why this happening?
Hi Donald,

Please report this to our Helpdesk with details. Thank you.


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