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CRM: Search by phone nbr / Screen Pop
We're evaluating Bitrix, and it looks awesome so far! One feature that we would miss greatly in our CRM is the ability to query a URL like

(where 13105551212 is the Caller ID of a customer who's just called us)

We currently use this functionality with our existing CRM to do "Screen Pop" and have incoming calls take us straight to the Client record in our CRM for the person who's calling.

Is this something that can be done today, or could be added?  This feature has incredible productivity boosting benefit to us, and surely many others!
Hi Dayton,

Unfortunately this option is not available now. The difficulty is that the particular  caller ID can correspond to different CRM entities (deal\cotact\company). We paln to solve this issue this year.

Thank you for the suggestion,

Best Regards,

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